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My name is Jessica Evett, and I'm a mixed media artist based in Boise, Idaho. My primary medium right now is relief printing, particularly handmade linocut prints and monoprints. I enjoy chimeras of these two techniques, experimenting with different splashes of color behind the images I create for accidental effects. I'm also fond of experimenting with pastel, collage, painting, assemblage sculpture, and the occasional Shrinky Dink. My work toggles between joy, fear, and flight. On this site, you'll find various prints for sale, all originals. I also accept commissions.

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My Story

I grew up in Boise, ID and spent my childhood and early teens lurking at the Fort Boise Community Center and taking art classes through college. My junior high art teacher said that all art should be beautiful, so I took an early liking to inserting tall buildings in still lives with stuffed birds and drawing clowns with devil horns. I never put down making art, but my son's interest in it combined with COVID-19 sparked a renewed practice over several years and a need for studio space. I am very grateful to have a rewarding day job that provides enough balance for creative work in my spare time. I currently occupy a studio in Spaceport in Garden City, smack in the heart of the Surel Mitchell Live, Work, Create District. I am just starting to get finished pieces out into the world, with the exception of my most well-known creation, Idaho's Blue Girl, Red State sticker. This makes my studio space the World Headquarters of Idaho's Most Beloved Yet Reviled Meme, guaranteed to simultaneously comfort those who feel alone while serving as a lightning rod for your car since 2006. 


May this e-mail find you well. Let's connect. 


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